Pursuit of Dreams Foundation

           “Independently we make a difference,
                 collectively we make CHANGE”

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Pursuit of Dreams Program

Pursuit of Dreams (POD) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit which utilizes proven sports-based “coaching” methods and principals in a broader setting to strengthen individuals and communities. POD has created various programs and symposiums that are essential in the fulfilment of its mission and vision to equip and educate individuals with the practical knowledge and insight they will need to align their pursuits with their passions.

Our Mission

The mission of the foundation is to provide assistance and guidance to individuals to help them fulfill their total mental, physical and spiritual goals through the successful use of coaching principles and techniques.

Our Vision

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a “team” to win a championship. It is this theory that drives the POD organization whose vision is to promote and utilize the concepts of team, unity, connectivity, collectiveness, synergy and healing as the foundation to inspire people to pursue their dreams. POD uses proven athletic coaching concepts and principles to assist the individual in understanding their potential and to obtain needed support services to fulfil their dream. These athletic coaching concepts will be applied in broader settings (education, professional life, and community service) through the use of networking and mentoring symposiums and seminars across the country. Similar concepts and principles are in high demand in corporate America where there is an entire industry of so-called “personal or life coaches.” However, there are few organizations using these concepts as a framework to assist individuals and strengthen communities.