Pursuit of Dreams Foundation

           “Independently we make a difference,
                 collectively we make CHANGE”


POD Process of Success

The Pursuit of Dreams has developed a tried and true method of success that requires individuals to reconnect with themselves and the communities in which they live.  There are three essential stages to this method and housed within those stages are two principals needed to achieve the ultimate opportunity for individual and community success:

Stage One (Self Discovery and Evolvement):

  1. Individuals must develop the tools needed to create their dreams. They must learn to truly believe in themselves, have faith in themselves, and understand themselves.  Then and only then can they develop a belief in their abilities to rise above and beyond their current circumstance. This is an ever changing and evolving process throughout their life’s journey.
  2. Individuals must develop a plan of action that is designed to create the successful outcomes they envision.

Stage Two (Experiences and Support):

  1. Individuals must be given access to the possibilities of life through personal experiences and/or personal interaction with those who have already been successful.  After moving through this phase you must revisit stage one again and go back and do a re-assessment of Principals A and B.
  2. Individuals must have a support system and resources to assist them in their journeys to Greatness.

Stage Three (Achievement and Success)

  1. Individuals must be passionate and committed to their dreams by understanding that their life’s journey will consist of many peaks and valleys that will help them acquire the wisdom and knowledge needed to achieve and to sustain greatness.
  2. Individuals must develop a healthy balance of ego and spirit. Only with this balance can they begin the process of true success by understanding that in order to receive the greatest blessings, one must learn to give.

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