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Beverly Kearney

Career Achievements and Honors

  • Presented BET most prestigious award; the 2012 Bet Honors for Education.  Honored with legends such as Mya Angelou, Spike Lee, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Cary and The Tuskegee Airmen.

  • The  “Lifetime Achievement Award” for Auburn University marking her the first African-American in history to receive the award and the second woman to receive it.

  • In 2009 Woman’s Day magazine named her as one of their “50 Women on a Mission” along with such notables as Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Angelina Jolie.

  • In 2006, the Buoniconti Foundation honored Bev as a Great Sports Legend joining other alumni legends like Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.

  • Honored with several awards by the United States Track and Field Hall of Fame in 2008.

Bev has been deemed as a coach with high expectations and uncompromising faith in her athlete’s ability. As a result, she is viewed as a tough coach, however she believes in love first, both tough love and self- love.  Her mantra is “believe it, speak it, do it”.  She believes intensely that one must commit to, and become fully invested in, one’s own dreams and the realization of one’s personal, spiritual and physical goals.  Bev has shared her winning principles nationally and internationally as a speaker on all of the major television networks including HBO and ESPN. She has been featured repeatedly in magazines and journals including People, USA Today, Black Enterprise, and Women’s Health. Bev has also been an honored guest at The White House.  Her incredible life story has been optioned for a movie and has a book deal pending.

Beyond her work as a UT Head Coach, Beverly founded Pursuit of Dreams, a non-profit organization providing intervention resources, motivation, and guidance. This has allowed Beverly to draw on her philosophy and use her skills to expand beyond the athletic arena.  The organization has launched several successful programs including a motivational mentoring and networking program entitled “Intimate Conversations with Greatness.” The program utilizes trailblazers in athletics, business, politics and the entertainment community to help people, especially youth and those in transition, achieve nothing less than greatness.

Bev, herself, is no stranger to transition and crisis. In her senior year of high school, she lost her mother and was homeless by the age of 17. Having survived an abusive environment, she never let circumstances deter her as she forged on through college and graduate school as a standout athlete and academic scholar.  Bev has devoted her life to helping people who desire to help themselves to discover their potential for greatness.  She believes passionately that everybody can be successful.

Beverly lives this model every day through wins and losses, triumphing gracefully through obstacles of all kinds. To call Bev a “survivor” would be a gross understatement in describing the woman who triumphed over a near fatal automobile accident.  The accident left her in a wheelchair with repeated diagnoses that she would never walk again. Beverly persisted with the spirit of a lioness in pursuit. She continued to coach from a wheelchair and then from a walker and now on a cane, ultimately adding two more national championships to her record. Beverly is a living example that greatness is still possible despite extreme obstacles. Through the sheer power of faith, she has come to realize that a positive spirit can outweigh and outlive the most impossible physical or mental circumstances.

Beverly’s achievements are a luminous star presently admired with awe and wonder, yet she is indisputably a living legend with the finer points of her legacy still evolving.

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