Pursuit of Dreams Foundation

           “Independently we make a difference,
                 collectively we make CHANGE”


Beverly Kearney – Founder

Every once in a while the universe lends us a star to illuminate the path that is already there.  

Beverly Kearney, affectionately known as “Bev” is one of those rare stars. Her passion and gift for coaching and mentoring has inspired successful businesses executives, entertainers and international athletes to achieve their greatest successes.  Recognized as one of the winnest coaches in the history of track and field, Bev was inducted into the prestigious International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame.   Her record of seven national championships is the highest among African-American coaches in all colligate Division 1 Sports, and second among women coaches.  She has coached twelve Olympians winningest seven Olympic medals, three of which were gold.  Bev was the Head Coach of the University of Texas Women’s Track and Field for over 20 years leaving the organization in 2013. She also served as the Head Coach at University of Florida and University of Toledo and Assistant Coach at University of Tennessee and Indiana State University.  The men and women she coached throughout her 33-year career stand out as America’s best athletes with over a 97.5% graduation rate and a total of 300 All-American’s calling her their coach.  Bev’s many titles do little justice for her ability to motivate, empower and realize matchless goals repeatedly and consistently. more…

Raymond Coleman – President

Presently the President of Pursuit of Dreams Foundation, Raymond Coleman was previously the Director for The Centre for Management and Technology in Baltimore MD., with offices located in Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.  As a consultant he has worked with corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations domestically and internationally.  Additionally, he worked at the University of Texas, Austin, for 15 years as the Executive Director for more…

Paula Goins – Senior Public Relations/Project Manager

Paula Goins has operated as an independent public relations consultant in Los Angeles since 2003. Assisting clients both large and small, in industries as varied as jewelry manufacturing and beauty to entertainment and publishing, Goins’ creative ideas and media contacts have contributed to her success. She has provided public relations and marketing services to the Minority Mentorship Symposium, Elegant Publishing, Inc., Alterna Professional Haircare, Energetix Magnetic Jewelry, Black Educational Events, LLC, and others. more…

Karen Taylor Bass - Public Relations Specialist

Considered one of the premier authorities in the public relations industry, Karen Taylor Bass, has created strategic “out of the box,” public relations, branding, and marketing campaigns for celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporations for over 15 years.  Now she spends her time as the CEO of The Brand New Mommy.com, a digital destination for all things Karen – lifestyle, parenting, motherhood, fame, and passion while redefining her personal brand post childbirth. Taylor Bass is an author, public relations coach, mommy commentator, brand consultant, and a popular host for – ‘Brand New You,’ the #1 web-series about lifestyle and reinvention on Black Enterprise.com. more…

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